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How do I register myself for the event?

Participation in Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2017 is by invitation only. However, you can proceed for registration without an invitation code and request for participation via following links. On successful submission of a registration request, it will be approved or declined as per the discretion of the concerned department.

Registration link: http://www.vibrantgujarat.com/register-info.htm
User Guide: http://www.vibrantgujarat.com/writereaddata/images/pdf/individual-reg-flow-chart.pdf

How do I register my delegation for the event?

International delegation leaders/coordinators can register their delegation on the Vibrant Gujarat website. Once the delegation request is approved, the delegation leader/coordinator can add delegation members.

Registration link: http://www.vibrantgujarat.com/delegation-register-info.htm
User Guide: http://vibrantgujarat.com/writereaddata/images/pdf/delegation-flow-chart.pdf

What is the venue of the event?

The venue of the summit is Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar. For more detail for each event please visit: http://www.vibrantgujarat.com/events.htm

Should I register as an individual or as a delegation?

If you are leading a delegation from abroad, you may send a delegation participation request through the website. Alternatively you and other members of your organization may register separately as individuals.

Individual Registration link: http://www.vibrantgujarat.com/register-info.htm
Delegation registration link: http://www.vibrantgujarat.com/delegation-register-info.htm

How can I download the mobile app?

You can download Vibrant Gujarat 2017 App for your Smartphones & Tablets from following links:

Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sttl.vibrantgujarat&hl=en
iOS App: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/vg-2015/id826467229?mt=8

The mobile app has the following features:

  • Program Schedule
  • Events & Seminars
  • Focus Sectors
  • VG2017 Brochure
  • Request for Registration
  • Event Participation Request
  • B2B Meetings Status
  • B2G Meetings Status
  • Trade Show 2017
  • Media Gallery (Photos & Videos)
  • Accommodation Request
  • Venue, FAQs and more...
Where can I find project profiles to set up business?

Sector wise project profiles can be found from following link: http://www.vibrantgujarat.com/project-profiles.htm

I have registered on website but I have not received approval / my profile is under verification.

Once you have successfully submitted your request, it will be approved or rejected as necessary by event organizing department shortly.

My company has interest in investing in India. What benefits will I get by attending this event?

Vibrant Gujarat brings together several industry stalwarts, investors from India and around the world, associations, economic development organizations, eminent diplomats, sectorial experts and senior policy advisors.

The Summit comprises of global interactive Thematic Seminars/Conferences, Conventions, Panel Discussions, CEO Conclave, Discussion Forums, B2B & B2G meetings, exhibition pavilions and other networking programs.

Key benefits to the participants include:

  • Direct interaction with key policy makers at center and state level
  • Global networking opportunities
  • Business opportunities across a global platform
  • One-on-one meetings with policy and regulation makers
  • Discussions on the latest information on all aspects of investment
  • Get to know about latest R&D in technology
  • A platform to showcase your brand
  • Forge a sustainable partnership that translates into a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Directly connect with State Economic Development Organizations on current investment projects
  • Learn from industry experts who have brought operations in the state.

Focused B2B and B2G meets will be facilitated by senior representatives from the State Government. Interactive sessions with policy makers, senior Government representatives and thought leaders will be held.

How to set meeting with other delegates/industrialist (B2B Meetings)?

B2B User Guide: http://www.vibrantgujarat.com/writereaddata/images/pdf/b2b-meeting-flowchart.pdf

For B2B meeting, first register with the website.

  • Next, Login with the website.
  • Click on B2B Meeting,
  • You can Float Meeting Request, View Meeting Request or View Floated Meting Request.
  • Click on Float Meeting request to float meeting request, then select area of Interest and click on Search,
  • Select the list of users whom you are interested in meeting.
  • Enter subject and message regarding meeting.
  • Then, Click on Send.
How to set meeting with Government officials (B2G meetings)?

B2G User Guide: http://www.vibrantgujarat.com/writereaddata/images/pdf/b2g-meeting-flowchart.pdf

For B2G meeting, first register with the website.

  • Next, Login with the website.
  • Click on B2G Meeting,
  • Select Department and provide Reason for meeting
  • And click on Send
  • Department will approve / reject request as necessary & allot the date & time of meeting
What is the Global CEO Conclave?

It is an exclusive, invite-only event where the top CEOs, world leaders, Nobel Laureates, Academicians will congregate to deliberate on ideas around global innovation-led growth, concepts of inclusive development and practical solutions to long-standing social and economic problems all in the backdrop of India’s relationship with the world.

How can we register for Global CEO Conclave?

It is an exclusive event where participation is only by invitation.

Where is the land available for the industries?
What are the various Industry related policies of the Government of Gujarat?

The latest state Government policies may be accessed at: http://www.indextb.com/conducive-policies/conducive-policies-for-growth.aspx

Will the Government provide a nodal officer or an Escort officer who will be the single point contact in assisting the industries through the various procedures and formalities and for availing approvals and clearances for setting up business?

Yes. A nodal officer shall be assigned on successful filing of an Investment Intention.

What are the steps taken by Gujarat for Ease of Doing Business?

Gujarat was ranked first in a study conducted by DIPP and the World Bank in 2015 based on 285 parameters of Ease of Doing Business. The Government of Gujarat is determined to further enhance the business environment in the state to attract investment and generate more employment opportunities for the youth.

  • Gujarat is going to roll out an online “Common Application Form” on the Investor Facilitation Portal (IFP) where the investor will be able to apply for all business related approvals on a single website without having the need to visit individual departments
  • The state presently has Comprehensive details of land banks along with GIS System, Third party certification mechanisms and Digitized land records.
  • Very soon, all business related approvals will be given via digitally signed certificates eliminating the need for investor to visit offices
  • The state is also introducing a system of “Joint Inspections” for all departments wherein, risk profile of each industry will be prepared and the inspection schedule shall be generated on a designated risk based criteria. Some departments have already prepared these systems, the remaining shall be completed soon
  • Now, the state is going to introduce specialized “commercial courts” to deal with matters relating to businesses separately. Also, the state is going to introduce the facility for “e-summons” and “e-payment” in district courts.
When and where I can get badge for the event?

Badges collection matrix can be found from following link: https://vibrantgujarat.com/badge-collection.htm

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